toward embodied well-being
have you tried talk therapy & have the hunch that there's more to healing than "talking it out?"

are you a professional or personal caretaker in need of healing and support? 

do you seek to create a more workable relationship to your mind, body, community? 

are you creative, highly sensitive, seeking a more meaningful approach to change, healing, or recovery?

do you want to find your way back to a state of flow and increased ease?

Narrative and Somatic Therapies are approaches to these questions.
Awen Somatic Therapy is the practice of Rachel Humphrey, MEd, LPCintern;
You can call me Ray.

For many of us, simply talking through our challenges is not enough to get to that essential shift, that place where we know growth and healing is happening. Accessing states of mindfulness, bodily attunement can help enrich the narratives guiding our lives towards more fully experienced, more embodied well-being.

Awen Somatic Therapy approaches counseling and therapy from a mindful, naturalistic, creative foundation. These practices are particularly beneficial for people of multiple learning styles or abilities that are often overlooked in mainstream approaches, creatives, marginalized peoples; folks who have lived with chronic illness, who are caretakers themselves; folks overcoming trauma, or various other recoveries with interest in a more holistic approach to counseling and psychotherapy. 

Please, feel free to contact me to inquire about counseling services, to schedule a free 20 minute phone consultation, or to find out if a more naturalistic, creative, and mindful approach to therapy may be a good fit for you.  Awen Somatic Therapy is a queer, poly, kink, neurodiverse, and otherwise diverse, friendly place. I provide services to individuals and partnerships through Wise Counsel & Comfort in Portland, Oregon.